Most Important Call Center Metrics

What do you usually do when having questions about products or delivery of goods which you are willing to buy (or have already purchased) from the online store? Sure, you dial a toll free number or contact customer services via email or chat. Of course, you want to get short and clear answers. Quality of customer support is all important. It does not matter what kind of product of service you have purchased or want to purchase – hostile or unprofessional support service will make you change your opinion about any company, even the one having an excellent reputation call centers near me.

Every top manager and business owner understands that having a great customer support is a must. Call center operators can help customers make a purchasing decision. Also, post sale support matters a lot, of course, if a company wants to have a good reputation and a large number of returning clients. To maintain high quality of customer support, it should be constantly evaluated to locate strengths and weaknesses and resolve problems at their early stages. Down the page are the most common call center KPIs used for evaluation of helpdesk efficiency.

Average call duration. Although this indicator is not entirely representative, it can tell much about quality of the support center. Too short calls can imply that problems are quickly solved, which is good. At the same time, short calls may have a contrary meaning. Some customers are impatient, so they hang up abruptly. This takes us to the second indicator – abandoned calls rate. High rate of abandoned calls can signal about problems with politeness or communication etiquette. This means lots of customers get angry at call center operators due to their inability to answer questions or solve problems.

First resolution calls rate is among the key indicators in call center metrics evaluation. If a person calls just once and one call is enough for him/her to have questions answered and problems resolved, this is an indication of a high level professionalism of call center operators. This also saves costs since there will be no repeated calls. Also, high first calls resolution rate improves customer satisfaction and contributes to positive image of a company. In other words, be in a pre or post sale call, first call resolution is important.

Average time in queue. Some call centers cannot cope with a huge number of calls. As a result, customers have to wait in queue, while many of them are not patient, so they hang up and never call back again. Thus, it is imperative to measure average time in queue to improve quality of call center services.

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